Love Your Story

We're a culture centered around stories. Heck...thousands of cultures before us were centered around stories! It's how history was passed down between generations in certain cultures. Nevertheless, we're obsessed with stories. That's why we watch movies and read books. That's why Hollywood and TV shows make millions upon millions of dollars creating good (and even bad) stories.

But you know what the problem is with the entertainment industry? You can never just experience one story! Even though "Act of Valor" was a great movie, it's not going to be the last movie you ever see. You know why? Because once the movie's over, the story is over. As it goes with every movie and book (unless of course there are sequels, sagas, trilogies, etc.). Once you reach the end, that's it. No more story. So we continue in search of other good stories by watching more movies and reading more books. Becuase one story can't satisfy. Or can it?

I was thinking the other day how we can get obsessed with a particular story. (I'll confess, I can't get enough of The Hunger all the books in one week after seeing the movie. Amazing.) When we become obsessed with a partiular story, we do everything we can to figure out all the little details, nuances, and intricacies of the story. Let's take the hit TV show "Lost" for example: They created such a great story, that Lost followers were almost a culture of their own! There were so many little details that people obsessed about. Yet, it didn't matter because the author never told you everything you wanted to know. (What a waste of my life watching that show...)

What if I told you that there was a greater story? One that could keep and hold your attention for the rest of your life? Would you want to watch it? Would you want to read it? 

The story I'm talking your own. 

Yes. I'm talking about your life. Your story. Your purpose that God has instilled in you. 

How good a story are you making with your life? Is it something peope would want to read/watch? Why or why not?

We can become saddened when a movie is over because we want to be involved in the untold story. Yet, I should be as excited and involved in my story (that doesn't end), as I am in someone else's story.

What do you think? What can you do today to make a better story?




Derek HarveyComment