That Tiny Life

Well, we did it. We finally made the plunge into living tiny. 

In the fall of 2017, we attempted to buy a tiny house. With no luck, we didn’t end up moving forward. And after Y E A R S of thinking about it, we finally did it. ;) And we just might be crazy enough for it to work.

With a 10-month-old and a 4 1/2-year-old, we are currently living in a renovated camper. Thanks to our amazing friends who paved a path for us and gave us the hope and dreams to try this out! They are the kindest souls and traveled in “Cleo The Camper” for 2 years with their then two children. They’re letting us live in the camper on their 5-acre property.


“We want to minimize our managing of stuff so that we can maximize our time to do the things that matter most.”


We began adopting the “minimalist” mentality a few years ago and this is when our hearts started craving simplicity and getting back to what matters. The things we are giving up do feel like a huge sacrifice and it comes at a price.

But for us, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

We want to minimize our managing of stuff so that we can maximize our time to do the things that matter most.

  • Travel more

  • Read more

  • Listen more

  • Dream more

  • Write more

  • Create more

  • Play more

  • Experience more

I’ve heard from many of my friends that they wish they could just sell everything, buy a bus or RV, travel the states, and work remotely. Isn’t this the new American dream??? Haha, well, it’s for sure a different life full of wonder and full of opportunities! 

Sadly, this camper isn’t roadworthy anymore. It’s gotten its miles and isn’t going to be hitting the road again. SO we will be benefiting from having the outdoors at our fingertips this spring and summer. We hope to live here for at least 6 months. ;) If we end up loving it we’ll pursue our own dream of owning land and building an Idea Box house. It’s not a tiny house, but it’s for sure smaller than your typical house and we LOVE it.

Some people (*cough cough Derek*) would prefer to live their lives quietly and privately. But I feel deeply moved by others who have shared their lives and stories and we hope to inspire and encourage you with our journey. One that is full of risk, faith, and beauty laced with pain and grief that come in this life. 

Will you join us? Even if it’s not living tiny. Most people wouldn’t do that. But what’s something you can sacrifice to gain something greater? A new hobby you’ve been wanting to get into, learn a foreign language, or take up painting?

We’re super ready for this next season of growth and learning. It’s exciting and also terrifying. When you’re in a small space all your flaws and imperfections get amplified and it forces you to make a change. It’s going to force us to be more intentional with our time and I’m loving the challenge.

Is there a dream you have that you’ve always wanted to do? Share with us what it is and how we can help encourage you on your path towards fulfilling your dream! 

Peace + Love,
Tessa, Derek, Journey & Wilde