Our Family of Four

It's been almost two months since our newest member, Wilde Hope, came onto the scene. She's already changed and grown so much since her birth and we're trying to soak up all these precious tiny days with her.

Since she is my third baby, my body has been kind to me in this healing process. I've been more in tune with what I need and when I need to go and when I need to rest. I've been in a whirlwind of entering into a new season with Journey and trying to navigate motherhood with two tots. So far, it's been what I expected.

Hard and humbling for sure. But it's also brought me to a place of surrender. Realizing that I can't control or fix things that are broken around me. I can only control myself, and how I respond to the chaos around me. I've been learning so much in this season. I feel a huge relief as we step into this family of four status but I'm also reminded of our loss and the grief that still remains. 

Life is sure full isn't it? Full of hope and also fear. I've felt both more deeply lately. But when I look over these images that one of my dearest friends took of us that first week of meeting Wilde. It reminds me of how children are such a blessing. They teach us so much about ourselves and the love of a divine father. I'm a completely different human because of my experience becoming a mother and living it out daily.

Enjoy some favorite images below. XO

Photography by Heather Gemmer