My Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

We’re getting really excited over here as we are days or weeks away from welcoming our rainbow babe. I am currently 39 weeks and will be 40 weeks this weekend….which  means.......????

Nothing, really. ;)

Because only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date. SOOOOO.... babe is going to come when he or she is ready, so we wait! 

We put so much stock into a date that it drives us mamas crazy when we go past our due dates. Soooo, in order to avoid the frustration, I try to keep the perspective that baby will come when he or she is ready, and that very well could be 41 weeks and 5 days like Journey Mae did.

That way, I keep my expectations in check and can try to avoid the misery of going past 40 weeks – because it feels like an eternity. 


PREGNANCY TIP: So for those pregnant or wanting to get pregnant, I encourage you to think about 40 weeks as “nothing but a number.” This goes the same for a birth plan. You should have one, but keep your hands open and hold that plan loosely. Birth rarely goes to “plan” so keep your mindset fixed on being open with any outcome for your labor and delivery method. There is no wrong way to have a baby. It’s amazing how our minds are more powerful and connected to our bodies than we give them credit for. So keep your heart and mind open and keep fear and anxiety from creeping in. I have to fight that given our history

That’s my little two cents on that and now here are some of my must-have pregnancy essentials this time around. ;-) 

  1. Raw Almonds (natural heartburn remedy) - This is a game changer with battling the dreaded heartburn in pregnancy. 
  2. Birth Without Fear Blog - This blog is a huge encouragement and shares all kinds of birth story outcomes and can be empowering and super life-giving when preparing to give birth, however you choose. Lots of support and love there.
  3. Hydro Flask Water bottle (with straw) - Keeps water cold for FOREVER and this makes it easy to get hydrated and look cool while doing it. ;-) 
  4. Garden of Life RAW Prenatal (2 Month Supply)
  5. Garden of Life Women’s Probiotic
  6. Beautycounter No. 2 Plumping Collection - #treatyoself This set includes a facial mask, spray & oil. AND OMG, when you're pregnant you need some good love on your skin and these three in combo have been just a lovely addition to my daily routine. 
  7. Day One App - Journaling & writing letters to babe has been a huge part of my pregnancy this time around, and this app keeps it all catalogued so well.
  8. Body Pillow & Birth Ball - 3rd Trimester must-haves ya'll! If I could do it over again, I'd get the body pillow that's the U shape...would really come in handy late in pregnancy. The one I use is just a basic body pillow and I found my Birth Ball at Goodwill. #barganshopperyall
  9. Chiropractic Care & Adjustments - This is also a huge game changer. When you grow a human your body undergoes a lot of stress and getting adjusted can work wonders for the weird pregnancy pains and aches that come about midway though pregnancy. It's also helped to give our baby more room in my pelvis to rotate and get head-down. (Find someone who can do the Webster Technique)

Thanks for reading! I hope this is helpful or it's something that may not help you but could help someone you know who's expecting! Please share this post if you think someone might benefit from my tips and top pregnancy essentials! ;) 

Check back soon as we're expecting our rainbow babe any day now!! But still could be a few weeks, so we shall see ;-) 


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