Harvey Happenings: An Update

I’ve thought to blog many times in these past 4 months but it just hasn’t happened yet. So here I am, trying to show up and share a bit of our journey over the last few months and give a quick update on things. 

So, Here's where we are at...

Journey is fully into being three-years-old. She surprises us every day with how smart and funny she is. She's fully potty trained (‘can I hear an amen?’). She can count to 10 in three languages, which we think is super impressive. She’s quite witty and has a cute little sense of humor already. She is very independent and wants to do EVERYTHING on her own, which can be a blessing for sure. It requires a lot of patience on our part, which can be difficult apparently. ;) 

Our little Harvey baby #3 is growing and doing really well. I'm at 7 months and I’m so grateful that I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy (thankfully). Sure, anxiety and fear creeps in on occasion but overall it's been low and not an issue. We are doing some extra monitoring in the weeks to come just to keep an eye on this little one's growth. Let's just say I cannot wait to hold our baby in a couple of months. I think, in those moments to come, it will bring some healing to my heart. 

As for Derek and I, we are doing well. The last three months of this new season have been some of the sweetest we've had. We both have been doing a lot of deep soul work and are re-awakened again in new and fresh ways—together and as individuals. We both feel more like ourselves, but it’s been somewhat of a new discovery and an unveiling of who we truly are—rediscovering parts of us that we lost over the years in the grind of life and past hurts. After losing Haven, our worlds shattered and what we created for ourselves was all gone. And ever since, we have been picking up the pieces trying to put ourselves back together. It’s been messy and painful but the process has been truly beautiful. We both trust Jesus more fully and deeply than ever before. 

Derek is starting to write again, which I am so excited about. So keep your eyes peeled for new posts coming to derekharvey.me soon. He’s got some new and fresh vision and I couldn’t be more proud of the man he is. I’m more in love with him now than when we married eight years ago! 

For me, I’m doing so much better. With my health slowly getting better, I'm still not sure on all the answers (a full health update coming soon) but we’re hopeful and I’m seeing results. So we press on and keep going. With the pregnancy going well and rediscovering who I am, has been truly a gift. As for work, I'm doing graphic design with Golivehq.co and love it. It’s super fun to help launch people's dreams. I've also been picking up my camera more and thinking of pursuing photography again. 

This is the first time in our entire marriage that we have no idea what’s next. We thought it was church planting and now, we’re not so sure that’s the next thing on the docket. We’re having more fun in the present moment than ever before so we're not getting too ahead of ourselves. Just trying to enjoy the journey and process. 

I will say, being off social media has been so life-giving to the both of us. But only because we’ve been intentional with our time and energy and re-directing it to things that have grown us.  I cannot wait to write more about what I’ve learned about being off social media.

Soooo much I could share, but I’ll leave you with some photos from the last few months and some bump shots to satisfy you. xo