Productivity Tips from this Girlboss Mom


When you own your own business or have any side hustles going it can be a struggle to get stuff done since you don’t have typical accountability, if you're a one women or man show. So you can find yourself stuck. Projects that don’t get further than the to-do list, or ideas that never make it to a project, maybe it's fear or just lack of motivation. I’ve been in both these camps, several times. I’ve struggled for years to find things that will help me be more productive. So here’s my short list of some of my must-haves or a more productive day!

"When we envision what we want our life to look like you’re more likely to accomplish the things you set out to do."

Creating an Ideal Week

Before we can get into the nitty gritty’s I need to highlight this very important piece. When we envision what we want our life to look like you’re more likely to accomplish the things you set out to do. And for me one of those ways has been to create an ideal week. For me it’s a really good baseline, a place to start and go off of. Scheduling days we do play-dates, dinners with friends, family time, rest, play, work. All these things need to be thought of and planned. Now does that mean your ideal week changes? YES, at least mine does. haha BUT I know how important schedules are for kids. Journey thrives on knowing what’s next and she feels secure in our weekly rhythms when there’s consistency. You can download a free worksheet from Day Designer here to get you started!

The Day Designer Planner

Next is my beloved planner. I’ve ordered this planner for 3 years and have LOOOOVED it. I’ve recently converted many friends to try it! Last year I attempted to try something different and it wasn’t as effective as the Day Designer. There’s just something about this planner. It’s designed so well (always a must for me) and the layout of the day and structure of the system makes it easy to plan. I love that it has a spot for me to fill in what’s for dinner and a daily gratitude. I feel like I’ve needed help being reminded to do both of those things to make dinner & be grateful! haha — For me, I’m NOT a list or scheduled person naturally so I have to WORK at it if I’m going to do anything productive. I’m such a free-spirit and an artist but becoming a business woman and a mother has shown me the value to lists and schedules. This planner gives me both of those and It’s amazing what you can accomplish just by WRITING IT DOWN!! You can order you Day Designer here! I do have an affiliate link and do make a small portion of the sale, they offer many options and are releasing a new one soon that's a mid-year calendar, so you don't have to wait for January to roll around to be productive ;)

To-Do App, Things

Derek and I have used this app for years. Last year the finally updated it and it was worth the wait. I’ve been loving my physical list in my Day Designer but sometimes I have too many lists and things I’ve got going on that there’s more than the lines in the planner. This way each day when I’m designing my day or the day before, I look at my to-do list on my phone using Things and I choose my next to-do’s based on this list. You can schedule to-dos. Have a Today list and an Inbox list that is more for intake and then later you can organize your to-dos if you wanna start an Area or Project. If you wanna learn more go to their website and get all geeked out about it, I know we have ;-)

Eliminating or Limiting Social Media

Now, I know logging off social media for a year isn’t on everyone's list of things to do this year. Holy freaking cow batman, it's been sooo liberating and freeing (a post on that soon). It's possible that come July I’ll be begging you to forgive me and let me come back to the social world. But I doubt it, I’ve truly never felt more free and creative. It’s been YEARS that I’ve felt like this. It’s done wonders for my productivity this year so far. I cannot stress it enough but the amount of time I was on social media I could have been doing so many other things that were inching me towards some of my bigger goals. I’d suggest, if you aren’t getting off social media like me, give your self some sort of time limit and boundaries. Maybe telling yourself you can check social media after work or in the evening after the kids go to bed. And set a timer for 10 min and when it goes off, move on to reading that novel you’ve been wanting to read for that book club. 

Well, that’s the short list of my top productivity tips for you this new year! I hope you kick butt as you tackle your goals and don’t let a slow start stop you from really making 2018 count! What’s your favorite things that help you stay productive?