Ya'll, We Started A Podcast

Derek and I have had many ideas in our marriage. And we love to be a little unconventional at times. Call it the rebel in us to go against the grain, to swim upstream. But we really feel deep in our bones that we’re not to just survive loss and grief but to thrive in this next season of knowing. Knowing who we are and what is ours to do. We’ve fleshed out a lot of ideas and, well, they’ve failed. This blog is proof of that. I wanted to do more with it, but just didn’t have it in me. I’d see friends far and wide pursue their dreams and launching amazing blogs and gaining a following…

But that’s not been our path.


Our path these last few years has been one of struggle. It’s had us wandering, and not in a negative way. It’s been one that has shaped us and transformed us. This season in the wilderness has inspired us and now we want to share with YOU!

That’s why we started this podcast. It’s an outlet for us, a space for us to chat about life and our struggle so that we can maybe inspire others. And most of all, give hope. When we both think about writing we feel BLAH, but when you get us sitting on our couch talking about life and what it means to belong and to experience grief…we can jump on that!


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