A Deep Need for Connection


When you own your own business it can be exhilarating, lonely and terrifying all at once.

Just a few weeks ago I started to get re-inspired, in life, art and work. I knew I needed to get plugged into a community, and soon before the spark went out. That's when I heard about The Weller Society. I looked into it and thought, that this exactly the environment my heart was searching for. 


As a business owner you wear many hats and it can be overwhelming to say the least. One of the hardest things about owning my own business has always been my lack of social engagement. Especially since becoming a mom. I’m something like 90% extrovert and need, like really need interaction with people other's to inspire and to give me life. 

I’ve been on the hunt for a co-working space for awhile, but hadn't felt the time was right since my business slowed way down this year. I  desired to go to an environment to get work on projects but also be around other creative people to bounce ideas off of. In most 9-5 jobs you have co-workers. When you're a one women show, you got nobody but yourself. 

It’s a community made up of creatives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and culture creators.


After going to a few events I knew I had to be apart of this amazing community they're building. 

It’s more than just a co-working space, but a place to dream, connect and grow. 

Since being apart of this community I've already met some incredible people and cannot wait for what the future holds! 

So if you want to come check it out and grab some coffee or Kombucha with me, hit me up and I’d love to connect!

Do you have something like this in your city? If so, how has being apart of a community like this effected your work you create? Or if not, how do you think you'd benefit from an environment like this? Leave a comment to start the conversation. ;)

Photos by Ian Pratt

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