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With so many toxins all around us every day I had no idea that what I was putting on my body was potentially toxic and harmful.

It all started for me about two years ago.

I was about 6 months postpartum with Journey and was getting concerned about some of my ongoing health issues and wondering why things seemed to be getting worse. I walked down a long 9 months of Dr. visits and eliminating food from my diet. The crazy part is, IT GOT WORSE. It all got worse when I was off of dairy, gluten, and soy. I was so discouraged and stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't keep eating this way AND still not get answers. I was stressed and needed a break. So I started eating all the things again. 

Then we got pregnant with Haven. I then decided, I was fine and could still eat all the dairy & gluten. So I did. And things didn't get better but didn't get worse. 

My skin has always been dry and itchy. But it's increased over the last 2 years. And about a 2 months ago I hit a wall. I knew I not only needed to be aware of what I put in my body but I also need to be very careful about what I put ON my body. 

This my friends got me to the topic of Safer products I use for my skincare & make up. My skin is still far from perfect but I feel good knowing what I put on my skin is at least safe from some of the known toxic chemicals. 

This is why I've backed and signed up as a consultant with Beautycounter. 

What's a consultant?
Basically, I sell Beautycounter products via my link www.beautycounter.com/tessaharvey – I get a commission on the products I sell and I get a rad discount on products. (score!) I ultimately knew I couldn't afford to pay full price and so I opted to sell it so I could get the discount.

But what I've loved about their products is that they're really as good as they say it is. The performance and quality aren't forsaken when keeping up with their amazing transparency about what ingredients they're putting in their products. 

This post isn't to give you the facts about Beautycounter and all the toxic chemicals a lot of companies are putting in our skincare that is known to be linked to hormone disruption and cancer. I'm merely just sharing my story. 

I hope to do another post soon with some more facts. But until then, you can check out some of these amazing articles and videos. 

The Top 10 Toxic Chemicals In Your Beauty Products
The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry

Even the "Green" Products can't be trusted before doing your own research.
About Green Washing

What you can do is find out what your products are rated on the EWG.org site. It's a great place to see products tested for chemicals and then given a rating for how safe it is. 

If you're interested in hearing more about Beautycounter and need any product recommendations. Send me a message here and I'd be happy to help you!