5 Reasons Why I'm Quitting Social Media in 2018


Hey ya’ll. You might be wondering why I made a wild goal to get off social media for a whole 365 days. Well, this is where I explain a bit of my reasoning. I’ve been thinking of doing this for 6 months and finally built up the courage to pull the trigger. Or, I will, tonight at midnight.

Here are my 5 reasons for quitting social media in 2018.

01 – To pull away from the noise

I don’t know about you but in our culture there is so much fighting for our attention. For me the noise looks like: comparison, FOMO (fear of missing out), a curated life, ads, videos, memes, gifs, articles, everyone's opinions on everything, selling products, and finding myself always lacking in something. For me, and maybe you too, I find myself overwhelmed by all the noise. Getting lost in the chaos of all the beauty, pain, joy, sadness, prosperity, and loss of other people's lives has caused me to lose a little bit of myself through feeling with everyone. 

02 – To gain clarity & BE present

With all this noise I’ve been overwhelmed with, I’ve found myself never truly satisfied. I got to bed watching everyone live their lives on my tiny device. I wake up and check and see what I missed while I was sleeping. Or what everyone’s morning looks like. I don’t actually live my own life sometimes. I mean, I do. But I’m not fully present. I need some time to get some clarity on what I need and want for my life, for my family, and my children. I want to be FULLY present with them. This has weighed the heaviest on me lately and I’m finally doing something about it. 

03 – Dream & create again

I’ve been creating for over 10 years. And honestly, I’m tired and a little depleted. I’ve been running on fumes for the last few years and I need some new inspiration and I’m not finding it on social media. I’ve just been trying to make a paycheck (nothing wrong with that) but my soul needs more. It needs to create again, not for a paycheck or anyone else. I’m REALLY passionate about helping other people with their dreams. I get so excited when I hear someone wanting to start a business or pursue a dream that I often think, “How can I help?” But I've been doing that for so long that I’ve forgotten to help myself in ways. I’ve neglected to dream and create for myself.

04 – Free up time & space

This is probably one of the biggest reasons I feel so compelled to disconnect. Our culture is obsessed with adding to. We don’t like to take away but we love to add more to our overstuffed lives. I have so much I want to add to my life this year but I will fail if I don’t make any space for it. So when re-evaluating my life I felt a conviction on how I’ve been spending my time. We basically vote with our time and it tells us what we value. So with all I want to add to 2018 I need to take out something to create space.

05 – Find true belonging

I saved the best for last. This concept has truly been a huge breath of fresh air for me. It’s given me the freedom to find and be myself. If you don’t know Brené Brown, let me introduce you to a woman who has inspired me with her research and writings. Check out her TED talk on The Power of Vulnerability. I’m currently reading her most recent book, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. In her book, she says, 

"True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to BE who you are.”

I’m excited to be on this journey to find true belonging but it’s going to require me to remove some distractions. One big lesson I’ve learned is this: I can’t take care of myself if I’m not actively working on the things in my heart. For this past year, I’ve needed social media. It’s helped me numb, heal, and grow in ways that I needed. But for 2018, I recognize my need for going deeper in areas that I simply can’t if I’m distracted.

So why not just get off for a few months to do all that and then get back on mid-way though the year? Well, I’ve thought about that, too. But I truly feel like I need to be obedient and fulfill a year-long sabbatical from social media. My spirit wants to go deeper in Jesus’s teachings. And, maybe I could do all these things in 6 months and then return to the scene ready for action, but I truly believe in being obedient to the things you feel deeply called to do. I feel like I’ll be ready to jump back into the social media pool in 2019. Until then, I’m going to be doing some soul work. 

Do you feel like you need to take a break from the social media grind? If so, will you commit to taking some time this year to unplug and disconnect? Even if it's only 30 days, or one day a week that you delete the app (and then count how many times you return to your phone looking for it). Try it! Get off social media for whatever timeframe you feel like you need, write about your experience, and let me know what you feel, learn, or discover about yourself.