19 months

Journey is 19 months young. In non-parent language she's a year and a half. This is by far my favorite stage, and I feel like I keep saying that with each coming stage. But I feel like I'll always think back to this time with her. She's "talking" like crazy. Saying gibberish and singing songs, trying to count and fake laughing. Currently her favorite word is "OFF" - it's semi-driving us nuts as she's constantly telling us to turn the fans off. When clearly, is summer and we want to leave them on ;-) 

In addition to this being her 19 month post. I wanted to also highlight a product we LOVE. 

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Since she started walking these were our go-to shoes. They're made with incredible detail and quality. I would highly recommend these moccs! I got Journey a size 4 which was a bit to big for her when they arrived, so we have waited to put them on until after I could get some cute photos of her wearing them! So finally, here they are! I wanted a neutral color so she could wear them all summer long with any outfit. We opted for their most popular color, Beehive State. And we are so happy with them! As she's been wearing them this week they are breaking in and getting all sorts of beautiful character to them. And girl gets so many compliments when wearing them, that's just a perk! 

Well Enjoy some of my favorites from this little session I did with my girl!