30 years gone

Tyler Joseph Cockhill 

March 20th, 1979 - July 20th, 1985


Today (July 20th 2015) makes the 30 year anniversary to my brother Tyler's death.

I didn't have the opportunity to know him. In fact, just like Tyler wasn't suppose to die. I wasn't suppose to be born. But it's because of his death, that I am alive.

I often try to imagine life with Tyler, Eric and I. I get tears welling up in my eyes just thinking about him. Missing him, even though I never knew him.  

Tyler, I love you and miss you. And I'm look forward to the day we get to finally meet. I've heard so many great things about you and know you were an extraordinary and remarkable kid. xoxo, your little sis.

You can read more about Tyler and his story on www.tylercockhill.com where my mom wrote a paper called Sudden Death while pursuing her bachelors degree in 2000. 

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