Yesterday was my first mother's day (May 10th, 2015)  as a mama. It was a glorious day. And today, my little munchkin turns 6 months old! Lots going on over here! She has two teeth poking through which explains A LOT!! 

Motherhood has changed me.

I am a better human because of this little girl. I'm thankful for many more moments we get to share and I feel so blessed I get to be in this season. I know life will continue to pick up speed as we have more children and life get's more full. To look back and think about this time when it was just the three of us. Here's some photos we took in our backyard since we all looked nice. (only happens once a week, if that!)  

Images edited in Lightroom using VSCO. Used a preset with a Polaroid feel for fun.

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