Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I know you have been through at lot in your life. I also know how hard you worked so that I could come into this world. And I want you to know how truly amazing you are as a person and as a mom. You love unconditionally and sacrifice so much for others and often you put other's before yourself. You gave up a lot so I could pursue my dreams in art when I was in high school. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I'm glad we are able to make up our "lost time" together now. ;)

When I became pregnant our relationship grew more than ever. I was so grateful I had your full support when we told you our desires for the birth by having our baby at home with a midwife. You never gave me opposition, only encouragement. That was HUGE for me. I needed that and I believe it helped me have a successful birth knowing I had a positive influence and support around me. Thank you mom.

Becoming a mom has given me somewhat of an understanding of your love for me. It's helped me see things I couldn't before becoming a mom. Thank you for giving me grace all these years and thank you for being such an amazing grammy to your little granddaughter. I know your influence has shaped me and for that I know I can mother my little girl and have her turn out half decent. ;)

Thank you mom. For loving me on my ugly days/weeks/months. I am the women I am today because of you and God's grace. I know my life isn't an accident. Even though the circumstances that brought me here haven't been easy to look back on.

I'm just happy to know I've made you proud. 

Happy Mother's Day. xoxox

Love, Tess

.S. Enjoy these photos that we will have to cherish for a lifetime. Love you mom.

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