spring break

This week is Derek's spring break and It's also his last week at Focus on the Family. He spent the majority of the weekend and beginning of the week sick with some sort of nastiness. He watched a TON of man movies. Lots of guns, fire and fighting. Journey and I occupied ourselves to stay away from sickie and man movies. As it was much to much for little eyes to see. 

Thankfully Derek is feeling much better. He received a new job at a local church that he has been serving at the past few months. His official title is Service Programming Director/Music Director. He's pretty excited about it and so am I. This free's me up from having to work part time so I can be more flexible and focus on Journey more. Now that she's more active and interested in activities I want to be able to really give her the attention I want. Here's some images I've taken over the last few weeks.

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