a grateful heart

As we are on the eve of this beloved thanksgiving day I'm reflecting on what I am grateful for. However it's a shame I don't do this more often. I'm hoping that I can reflect and start every day with a grateful heart. I'm also writing this so that on that one day that I'm not doing so great I can read these things and be reminded of all the good things we have.

Photo by   Charaia Rush

Photo by Charaia Rush

I'm grateful for.....


my beloved husband & best friend

the crazy adventures that we get to go on 

my sweet joyful, beautiful, kind, tender-hearted, adventurous daughter

our sweet Everest the Golden-doodle who gives us so much love

our family that supports us even when we make crazy re-locating decisions 

even when i find myself in a rut that i find rest and peace in Jesus

music and the melodies that give me goose bumps

 the ability to see the light in dark places

for all the things I don't blink twice about, clean water, a roof over my head, organic food, multiple pairs of shoes, my electronic devices that allows me to work and do what i love

that I get to wake up each day and create

messy kitchens, because that means I just cooked a good meal ;)

for our beautiful community of friends and family that surround us (even from a distance)

to live in colorado where the air is clear and the sun is bright

even in the unknown, I've found peace and joy

sunshine, lattes & patios to enjoy them on

storytelling and for the ability to be so moved by people and their storys

God's grace as I need so so much of it

to be alive, even when circumstances had lead me to believe that I shouldn't be here

the gospel message & the word of God

my ability to see things in a positive light and to be optimistic 

Adele and her gorgeous voice

my awakening to my health and to taking care of my body and getting healthy

essential oils: thieves, lemon, purification, peppermint and lavender 

the outdoors as they bring me so much closer to our creator

parents that have shown me what unconditional selfless love looks like

an older brother who has proven his love and care over and over again

my iPhone to take a million photos of our day to day in the life

photo albums to display all the photos ;)

i'm grateful for the church family at Red Rock to have welcomed and loved on us so much

i'm so grateful for friendships that challenge me and push me to be better

latte art and hip cool coffee shops, where now, it's difficult to go to with a walking babe but non the less, i'm grateful for them ;)

all my travels around the world, as it has helped shaped me into learning other cultures and to be open minded to other cultures and practices 

long sweaters, leggings, scarfs + boots

Well, there is so much more that I'm grateful for and I'm not going to let this be the only day I share my gratitude. SO let this be a new trend and let's all start a life of thankfulness everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends.