2 months

Our little Journey is 2 months old already! I still can't believe how quickly she's growing. I shot some video of her with my DSLR and I've been itching to create a little video of her to share with friends and family that live so far away. So, it's not perfect by any means but it's to show you our little girl in motion.

She loves bath time, tummy time, exploring the house, cooing and wiggling is her favorite. She doesn't like gas, being put down when sleeping and doesn't like to be taken out of her bath. 

Headband - Wuthering Iris

Outfit - Baby Gap

Music by Musicbed - Make A Noise by Katie Herzig 

Video shot with Canon 5D MK II + 35mm 1.4 L Added color with VSCO filters in Lightroom 4 and video edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (first time using it!)