31 Weeks & The Misc.

After our midwife appointment one day, we went on a lunch date and this guy sure knows how to make me melt. Love Love Love this guy. And I'm cherishing all the time left we have with just us two. (three if you count our furry baby)

Since I took a beginner calligraphy class by the amazing Korie Lynn at The Weekend Type  back in April, I've only practiced a handful of times. I will say that I'm a huge fan of lettering and calligraphy and want to work on my form and style. Since putting the nursery together I wanted to have things on the walls that were meaningful. I've had a desire to do a few projects based on the Fruit of the Spirit scripture so I'm excited to have this little number (when finished) in the nursery as a wonderful reminder of what fruit I want growing on my tree. 

If we're not at home then you'll find us outside exploring our new city or at a local coffee shop drinking, well, coffee and meeting new people. It's been fun getting to know people and develop relationships. Just yesterday, Everest and I walked to one of our fave local coffee shops, FiftyFifty, and we met a super rad couple with their labradoodle puppy, Teddy. They both work at a local church here in Colorado Springs and we went to their Friday Night Service and it was awesome. We have visited several churches in our short time here and felt really at home there. So that was cool. Below is another one of our favorites spots in town. For those that visit, we'll be for sure taking your here. It's a school that was built in the early 1900's and it has a bakery, coffee shop, brewery and a few other cool shops inside. 

Just a little bump action at REI while Derek checks to see if they're hiring. :) Still on the job hunt. He has a really good lead at a really cool Coffeehouse, so prayers appreciated. 

IKEA Checkout line and the Bump.

This here is our 2nd trip to IKEA this month. So many pregos at IKEA today. I actually really like going and walking around looking at everything. We walked away with only one item that we weren't planning on purchasing, we count that as Success. 

Above is a photo of me taking a photo of Derek, trying to take a photo of Everest and his ridiculous position. We are trying REALLY hard to keep him out of the baby room, so that when the baby comes, he knows he's not allowed in the room (at least for a little bit). This is his attempt to stay at the door. Oh Everest. 

Derek is an amazing musician and songwriter. But he wouldn't tell you that. You would probably never know that just talking to him because he's so private. That's why I'm here to tell everyone about his awesome skills. He hasn't written much in the last year but tonight he wrote a song for little baby harvey.  AWWWW..... I know right!?

Right before he played it for me, he said, "You're not allowed to cry." To which I said back, "Yea OK....(insert funny face)" And within the first few lines of the song, I was a mess.

I hope he shares it with the world someday. It's truly an amazing song. Yea, I could be biased but, seriously. Ya'll should hear it (And his other songs too).

Below is an image of me working on using the lyrics of the bridge of the song to create a lettering piece for the nursery above the crib. More on that later ;)

I think Baby Harvey hit a growth spurt in these last few weeks and it's not because of the donuts above. But so far I've been MORE tired this 3rd trimester. Small and short bursts of energy and lots of sleepy moments. One of my highlights during the week is our awesome Bradley Method Class we attend. If you don't know what that is, you should research it if you're having a baby. I've had several friends go through the class for hospital and home birth experiences. 

31 Weeks

31 Weeks

Well, that's it this week folks. We love and miss all from back home and are excited and ready for this next chapter.

Please be praying for Derek - he starts school next week and he's still on the job hunt. 

Love you all,

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