30 Weeks & The Nursery

We officially have about 10 weeks or so left before our little bundle of joy arrives! We can't believe how fast these last 30 weeks have flown by. With all the changes and transitions we've recently undergone (and are undergoing), it's been quite the little adventure.

Tessa still looks in the mirror and says, "WHAT?! I'm PREGNANT? This is so weird." She wouldn't say she's in denial, more like she can't believe she's growing a human inside her. Tessa LOVES feeling the movements and swipes. It's the coolest feeling ever. Derek has even been kicked in the face a time or two while talking to our little one. 

After finally arriving in Colorado, one of the things we were most excited about was setting up the nursery. We are super grateful to our friends who gave us our crib. We debated on painting it, knowing how much work it would be (for Derek). Tessa went back and forth and couldn't really decide, but finally ended up asking him and he, without hesitating, said yes. Derek finished the crib last week! And Tessa painted the baby room as it was a horrific pink color (recall from last post?). Derek did a phenomenal job on painting and finishing the crib (it took 3 days to prime, paint, and coat). It seriously looks like a brand-new crib! Below are before and after pics. 




Getting the nursery together has been such a fun project for Tessa. She loves expressing her creativity in a space. She's trying to take it one room at a time (a picture here, a picture there). One last touch this room will be getting is a handmade rug by her mom. But that won't arrive until the baby arrives. So our wood floor will just have to suffer through it's nakedness for a bit longer (but not too much longer) ;-)