Colorado Update

We've now been in Colorado Springs for 2 weeks - a whole 14 days! It's hard to believe that it's  a reality. For the curious at heart, here's an update on what we've been up to.


We're beyond grateful for our little house. We searched high and low for months and finally came across this one. It was built in 1914 and we adore it's "vintage" character (i.e. squeaky wooden floors, leaning foundation, etc.) - it's grown on us. Photos of the inside coming soon, once we establish a 'normal' living setup. (i.e. all boxes gone) :)


Since being here, Tessa's reached 29 weeks (of pregnancy, that is)! The photo above was taken last week at 28 weeks. The elevation has been quite the adjustment for us. Since entering into the 3rd trimester, Tessa can definitely feel a difference already and is feeling VERY pregnant. She's trying REALLY hard not to make grunting noises when bending over or sitting down/getting up (Derek is doing the same, for different reasons). Only because she knows she still has a ways to go and if she's making those noises now, Lord help us... 


Both of us have a love affair with coffee and the shops it resides in. We're not exactly snobs about coffee, but we don't just visit any old establishment that sells a cup of joe. Quality is key. Quality of coffee, latte art and atmosphere. Every city we travel to we're always scoping out the cool coffee spots, and there are several close to our house. That's one of the pleasures of living near the city. Derek is a newbie to the city and Tessa's happy to introduce him to city life. Our house didn't have internet our first week here so we found ourselves hanging at several coffee houses for hours. Our extended stays at these coffee houses led us to meet some intriguing locals and imports (people not originally from Colorado).

Having a dog motivates us to go out and explore more. Everest loves an adventure, but he has a tendency to want to stop and sniff everything. Must be the puppy in him - we hope. We ventured out to a nearby park with a small lake and a great view of the mountains (above). 


The photo above are things Tessa loves. She's been arranging the house quite neurotically. Simple is our inspiration right now. We shall see how everything ends up looking. We keep putting things away and organizing furniture, then decide we don't like it and move things around again (well, more Tessa than Derek). The living room has been rearranged around a total of 3 times already. ;)

Last Saturday we decided to wake up early and go explore some more. We found ourselves at a place called, "Pulpit Rock." The trails there didn't seem to make sense to us. There was one big "trail" that went around Pulpit Rock but didn't actually go up to the rock. There were several tiny offshoot trails with steep inclines that seemed to lead the way, but when the "big trail" suddenly ended, we were so winded (after just 20 minutes of hiking) we decided to go back. Haha. This altitude is no joke. 6,000 feet above sea level takes a toll on your body if you're not used to it - which we aren't. Everest seemed to like it (judging by his frequent stops-and-sniffs along the path) but he was as thirsty and tired as we were! We'll have to go back and see if we can find our way up the Rock (maybe when Tessa's not pregnant).


The mountain views continue to be overwhelming. Every time we see them we are blown away - and hope that never changes. We're constantly wanting to take photos every time we see the mountain range, but then quickly realize that the iPhone cannot capture what our eyes are seeing. It can't do it justice. You'll just have to come and see them yourself ;-)


LET THE PAINTING BEGIN!!! Since Derek is still unemployed, Tessa has decided to make him her full-time handyman (which has always been the case, but even more so now) and take full advantage of his constant presence. We are in painting project mode. The baby room was an awful pepto dismal pink (word play intended) and even if we had a girl, there's no way we'd punish our child with that view. So say bye bye! We also have an amazing crib (that was given to us by a dear friend) that Tessa decided she wanted a grey color, so her lovely husband obliged. He willingly painted it as an intense labor of LOVE for Tessa and baby Harvey. 


Needless to say, we're enjoying ourselves. Derek starts school beginning of September so Tessa's soaking in all this quality time before we have school/work/baby to distract us. We're about to enter a CRAZY awesome growing season and are so thankful we get to share this with each other. We're prepared for it to be hard, so we won't be surprised when it is. 

Thank you for loving us and supporting us on this crazy adventure. We covet your prayers and love in this season of our lives. 

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