Derek and I took a much needed road trip to Colorado. We packed our bags and headed to the mountains for our anniversary week! We celebrated 4 years on March 20th! Enjoy some favorites from the trip! 

March 20th is also another special day that we remember aside from our anniversary. Thirty-five years ago my mom gave birth to her first son, Tyler Joseph Cockhill. I often think of him many times throughout the year but especially on this day. I never got to meet him as he passed away when he was 6 years old. So, we celebrate our marriage and Tyler's life. If you want to read more about what happened, I've written it once before on my photography blog,  click here.


I love you and I want to dedicate this post to you.

Here's to finishing this race in your place. I won't waste this life I've been given.

See you in Heaven big brother. Until then, I promise to do better at loving on mom & dad. I know they have been through a lot and think of you everyday. 

Love, your little sis Tess

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