38 Weeks & Body Image

As a woman, I can tell you that I've struggled with my body image.

I mean, what woman hasn't? 

With magazines and media telling us that we should eat certain things to be healthy or do a certain workout program to be fit, it can be overwhelming to try and "fit in" to what's "in." Yet, we so often fail at both of those things, which doesn't cultivate an atmosphere of love and acceptance for who you are and how your body was made. If we're constantly trying to "measure up" to a standard that's bogus then we aren't setting ourselves up for success.

When I became pregnant I wanted to obtain the "glow" in pregnancy that I knew was possible but rarely found throughout your entire pregnancy. For the most part I feel pregnancy has done my body good. I'm not the norm, I should be more miserable and in total protest for these changes to my body. Not to mention these dang hormones making me mental at times.

I have actually grown to love my body in this process of growth. I've become more comfortable with myself as woman and embraced these changes with my body and almost find myself more beautiful pregnant.

I cannot help but LOVE this miracle that is taking place inside of me and it brings me so much joy. I find it all to be such a beautiful thing even with my back hurting and when my walking turned to waddling. 

I pray you can embrace and enjoy your body how it is. And if you don't like something, make some small changes to work towards a goal. Love you body, even if you're not where you want to be yet. Your body is truly beautiful and should be celebrated! 

As women, we should feel empowered to truly embrace who we are even if it's not always picture worthy. I mean, I don't always look like I do in my instagram photos. Just ask my amazing husband who sometimes asks, "Have you showered today?" That's never a good question to ask someone, by the way. (translates to, "you stinky") 

So women, I want to encourage you to embrace the process and to enjoy your body even if it's not your "ideal" shape or texture. I know the feelings that can come with feeling inadequate and ugly. 

And it does more to destroy you when you dwell on the negative. In Proverbs, it warns us that if you think it in our hearts, then that's what we are. Our thoughts have so much power. SO take control of your mind and thoughts regarding your body and learn to love and embrace it!

God designed you to be YOU and no one else. So let's stop comparing and wishing you were "so and so" and start loving and embracing yourself for who you really are!

Because YOU are valuable and worth celebrating. You are a masterpiece by the greatest artist that ever was and is. So just sit and embrace that. 

Tessa HarveyComment