hello october

This month (hopefully) we get to welcome our little joy into the world! We are getting very excited as we get closer! Now... to fill this month with as many projects (distractions) as possible so it doesn't go by toooo slow...

Today, October 2nd, baby Harvey is 36 weeks along and only 1 week away from full term. However, I'm fully prepared to go pass my due date and have us a November baby, as anything can happen. So, we shall just have to wait and see.

Awww yes... the waiting, something our culture doesn't like to do very often. I will try to find joy and peace in the waiting and treasure all these moments before our lives change forever.

My mother came to visit us a week ago. She has been hard at work making a rag rug for the nursery (see right photo). She finished it and brought it here all the way from Washington state. It completes the nursery and looks amazing! I'm so proud of my mama and her hard work! 

Some of our dear friends from Texas just announced that they are having a little BOY in February 2015. This got me so excited for them and very excited/anxious about finding out who this little human is inside of me.

What is your guess? Boy or Girl?

We are so grateful for our new friends that have taken us in so graciously. We were invited to a house warming party and the dress code was Dapper/Chic - It was fun dressing up and making some new friends. With only a month-ish left until baby, these two spontaneous young folk took full advantage of our late night (staying out almost past 9pm!)

Anyway, cheers to a month of not getting too anxious and enjoying every moment together before baby arrives.

P.S. Any guesses on the gender? 

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