Derek and I met and fell in love nearly 10 years ago in the middle of no where, East Texas.  We have spent the last decade trying to find a place to belong. From finding joy in helping rescue girls from human trafficking, to traveling the world together helping other’s tell their stories with photo and video. We have yet to find true belonging, and after living in 3 states and 10 different dwellings we feel a bit like we’re wandering.

We currently call Portland, Oregon home. We live in a suburban neighborhood outside of the city. We do feel a bit out of place, but then again, maybe there’s a reason for that. But for now, we know we are putting our roots down here. 

We have 3 children, Journey Mae (3) who is literally a 50% mix of Derek and I, it’s nuts. She’s hilarious, smart and very conversational (like talks ALL THE TIME). We also have another daughter, but we didn’t quite get to say hello like we hoped. In early of 2017 we found out we had lost our baby at 36 weeks pregnant. We named our baby girl, Haven Rose and everyday that passes we miss her deeply. Life has never been the same since we got to meet her and we are also forever changed because of her. We are currently expecting our 3rd baby in June 2018. So it’s a very exciting time mixed with many varying emotions. 

Derek and I feel deeply moved to help connect other’s to their Kingdom identities. To help guide and give tools on this journey of life. We’re on our paths ourselves and just want to help walk along side those who are looking for meaning and belonging.