Welcome to our little place on the internet

We’re so pumped to share with you guys and cannot wait to see all that will flow from this place. Thank you for joining us and following along on our journey. We desire to let this be a space that inspires you on your path as well.

We started this blog back in 2013. A place for us to share our story, our adventure in creating and building our family. It's changed over the years but it's remained a safe place for me to come and write and share. 


At the core of who we are, we desire to help other's grow in their potential. To not only inspire but to encourage and give tools to help you in your process of becoming all you were created to be. 

We do not claim to know it all and I will be the first one to tell you that sometimes you're not going to learn until you have to go through something. You won't always learn from other's examples but your own failings and trials. But we want to be a safe place for you to share and learn about our observations to hopefully help you on your journey.